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The "Mile High City" - Denver, Colorado One of the Nation's Highest Major Cities Denver is arguably the most recognizable city in Colorado. Known around the country as the "Mile High City", for having an official elevation of 5,280 feet (one mile above sea level), the capital city of Colorado has earned a reputation for embracing culture, sports, politics, and outdoor activities. Since its humble origins, Denver has truly grown into a thriving metropolis providing residents with world-class art galleries, museums, and sporting venues. The city's love for culture and art even extends to its extensive park system that has undergone beautification projects under the direction of renown landscape architects, such as Reinhard Schuetze, Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. and Saco Rienk DeBoer. By providing an exciting mix of fine dining, cultural exhibits, and outdoor activities, Denver has become one of Colorado's most sought after locations for real estate. As a result, young people from around the state have continued to flock to the city that was recently named the best city in the country for singles. The renewed vigor and interest in Denver realty has lead to a rapid increase of the average home price that continues to rise from it's $400,000 average. Home buyers have even extended their interest from the older housing stock near the city centers to the popular neighborhoods of the 80211 zip code. From sections of Berkeley, to the Highlands and Sunnyside, these popular developments are seeing an influx of new home listings. But with over 80 different neighborhoods, the choice of property locations is almost endless. The real challenge is finding current residents and real estate owners interested in selling their homes. Interested In Denver Properties
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