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Beautiful Boulder, Colorado One of the Nation's Best Places to Live The city of Boulder offers something for everyone. With nearly 95,000 residents occupying only 25.4 square miles, Boulder is the largest city in the county, and certainly the densest. This beautiful city is nestled against the iconic Flatirons and surrounded by over 36,000 miles of open space, making Boulder properties among the most desirable and coveted real estate in Colorado. Adding to its popularity and quirky charm, Boulder plays host to a bevy of attractions including the famed Chautauqua Park, historic Pearl Street Mall, and a world class Farmer's Market. With a reputation that exceeds reality, close proximity to Denver (only 25 miles), and limited housing supply, home buyers will find that real estate in Boulder is very expensive. The median price of a single-family Boulder home is typically over a half million dollars, some $200,000 more than Denver and other suburbs. Boulder realty also tends to feature older and smaller homes, lending some home buyers to look for properties in surrounding areas like Longmont and the Superior-Louisville-Lafayette corridor. Though the Boulder housing market is competitive, buyers intent on finding a home in Boulder should focus on searching for real estate in popular Boulder zip codes, including 80302, 80303, and 80304. Ready To Buy A Boulder Property?
We Have The Experience You Need! Once you've found the Boulder property for you, be sure to contact Buyers' Slice Realty. With Boulder's limited housing stock, you need Boulder real estate agents who understand the variety of properties available. Whether you're looking for million dollar mansions, historical houses, collegiate townhomes, or high-end condos in Boulder, the professionals at Buyers' Slice will help take you from the offer to the closing...saving you money in the process!
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