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The Best Way To Buy Real Estate In We Offer Clients Half Of What The Seller Pays Us! Buyers' Slice Realty has been rewarding savvy buyers of Colorado real estate, since 2009, by offering clients a slice of the commission the seller's agent pays us. In fact, our average clients have received over $5,100 back from us at closing*. Ask your neighborhood Realtor ® if they can say that! That's money in your pocket when you use Buyers' Slice to buy your next home. We let clients find the right property, pressure free, while standing by to do what we do best: negotiating, documenting, and closing your deal! * Results through January 1st, 2013. Individual results will vary and are subject to written agreement. You Find The Home. I Close The Deal. We Split The Commission! Play Video
A Quick Video Explaining Our Rebates
We could tell you what commission rebates are... but lets just SHOW you! Watch this video to get a general overview explaining how commission rebates can work for you, the buyer. Learn how we can help make buying property less expensive by allowing you to bring less cash to the table. Simply find the home of your dreams and we can help you save thousands in the process!
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