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Historic Golden, Colorado A Small Town Rich in Tradition and Culture Located at the base of Lookout Mountain and featuring gorgeous foothills properties, the city of Golden is a historic mining town whose rich history includes being federally recognized as the capital of Colorado in the late 1800's. Over the years, Golden has continued to gain notoriety by becoming home to the famous Coors brewery and the esteemed Colorado School of Mines. In fact, even Clear Creek, which runs through the beautiful valley, has become nationally recognized as the key ingredient in the beer produced by Coors. To residents, and buyers of Golden realty, this beautiful river has also become the home of fly fishermen and kayakers alike. In the beautiful city of Golden, the most sought after homes are typically found in the 80401 zip code of Gennesse. These stunning homes can be seen among the foothills that run along I-70 and constitute a majority of the home listings in Golden. Because of their prime location and picturesque views, these Golden homes are generally the most expensive properties in the city. For buyers in search of newer construction, Coal Creek Canyon covers the 80403 zip code and the northern parts of Golden, and features fabulous homes for every type of buyer. Already Found A Golden Property?
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