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Understanding Commission Rebates
Commission Rebate com mis sion   re bate noun:[kuh-mish-uhn ree-beyt] Synonyms:buyer rebate, buyer refund, commission refund.
1. The act of a broker sharing part of their real estate commission with a buyer. This is generally done in recognition of efforts that the buyer has made(e.g. finding their own home). Real estate brokers working with buyers are offered a percentage of the total commission that a listing agent negotiates with a seller. This is why it is sometimes said that real estate agents are free for buyers. However, because every seller considers the commissions due when deciding what price to accept, we submit that buyers pay the commissions, and thus, a commission rebate may be fairly construed as a refund. Because brokers do not get paid until closing, commission refunds are not given until a deal has closed.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Commission Rebates
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