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The Great State of Colorado A Beautiful Gateway to the Rockies The majestic Rocky Mountains, which rise dramatically above the Great Plains, have become symbolic of the state of Colorado. With breathtaking scenery, world-class skiing, and a wide variety of outdoor activities, Colorado offers its residents an active lifestyle unlike any other in the United States. In fact residents of Colorado are considered among the happiest and healthiest in the nation. As the nations number one producer of beer, Colorado's numerous micro breweries have given rise to a budding culinary scene. Pairing craft beers and exquisite wine with fine dining has lead the city of Boulder to be named America's Foodiest Town of 2010, with more Sommeliers per capita than any other city. Colorado's growing populous mostly resides along the base of the Rocky Mountains, know as the Front Range. At the center of Front Range Urban Corridor is the "Mile High" city of Denver, which accounts for the majority of the homes in Colorado. Of the over 5 million residents, more than 3 million people reside in the cities of Denver, Aurora, and Boulder accounting for most of Colorado's home listings. The most sought after properties for buyers of Colorado realty, however, are often found in the cities of Boulder, Highlands Ranch, Fort Collins, and Castle Rock which have each been recognized as among the nations top places to live. Buying Property In Colorado?
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