Buyers' Slice Realty has proudly served the Boulder community as a local, family run business since 2009. Tommy Lorden, Founder Tommy and Family Call Us Today!
As Featured In at Home Magazine
The unique value Buyers' Slice Realty brings to home buyers was featured in atHome magazine, featuring founder Tommy Lorden on the cover. The issue identified the benefits commission rebates bring to Colorado home buyers. Not mentioned was the fact that Tommy is a former attorney, and Buyers' Slice specializes in making sure your offer and documents are done right. So while we'll earn our share, we recognize that those who take the lead in their property search should also get their slice of the commission!
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Just closed on a home with Tommy and staff. We had a great experience for three reasons: 1. Tommy was there when we needed him and gave us space when we were good on our own. He is wonderful at gauging our needs and addressing them but not overbearing at all. 2. Tommy was fantastic at negotiating. He had input but also listened and responded to our requests. He was calm but firm and got us what we wanted in an extremely tactical and smart way. 3. Money back paid for closing costs and more!
Kent E. Broomfield - Saved $9,730+
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